• BIOKINETIC Physical Therapy is a metropolitan practice featuring comprehensive and top-class personal service in a welcoming and personal environment. We deliver a multifaceted program in all our treatments through an in-depth assessment and research-proven intervention. All of these we do to suit your lifestyle and achieve utmost wellness.
    “Physical fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking nor by outright purchase.”
    Joseph Hubertus Pilates

  • Our mission is to fill the niche for a more tailored, thorough and concise treatment approach to the eclectic patient population in New York City. We position ourselves as holistic professionals who validate every patient’s lifestyle and personalize each treatment we implement. We want to be recognized by patients and physicians as the best practitioners in our specialties because of our focused and individualized approach to rehabilitation: one that yields measureable functional improvement in less time. We commit ourselves to the quality and innovative practice of sports physical therapy by acquiring the latest approaches to sports rehabilitation.