March 2012

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  • The newest tool in your workout?

    Mouth guards may be for more than contact sports. You may not think that this little piece of plastic can improve power exercises, but apparently it can. How so? “Researchers believe clenching your teeth—like you do when you’re wearing a mouthguard—is similar to chewing. It can increase blood flow to areas of the brain associated with memory, […]
  • Overall cancer rates drop, but …

    Since 1999, new cancer rates have decreased on average half a percent annually, according to a report released Wednesday. The drop in rates is attributed to better screening, treatment advances and prevention of unhealthy behaviors. The report did raise concerns in some areas: “[I]ncreases in skin cancer cases and deaths, which experts believe are being […]
  • New York the second most walkable city

    Prevention teamed up with to rank the United States’ most walkable cities this year. Cambridge, MA nabbed the top spot, but New York came in a close second. “New Yorkers have long used their own two feet to book it around town. But recent pedestrian-friendly enhancements all over the city have considerably upped how […]
  • More good news for chocolate lovers

    Studies have shown the health benefits of eating chocolate, but a new study is among the first to look at the effects of chocolate on weight.  It turns out that people who ate chocolate frequently had a lower body mass index on average. The study,  published in Archives of Internal Medicine, said this may be related […]
  • More reasons you should be working out

    The benefits of working out extend beyond cardiovascular health and weight loss — everything from a sharper brain to better sleep. “Breaking a sweat during the day may just mean better beauty sleep at night. According to a large study published last year in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity, people who exercised at a moderate or […]
  • Eliminate these processed foods from your diet

    They may be quick and easy, but processed foods are filled with sugar, preservatives, salt, and fat. The Huffington Post starts you off with ten foods to get rid of, including: “Chicken Nuggets: These ubiquitous finger foods dip nicely and satisfy hunger, but you’d do better to go for grilled chicken strips or a skinless […]
  • Recovery time from strenuous exercise

    This past Sunday was the New York Half Marathon. If you participated, you’re still probably in some state of recovery. But how long exactly should it take to fully bounce back? Turns out there isn’t one set answer. “One popular notion holds that however many miles you race, that’s how many days it takes to […]
  • Studies: Aspirin may reduce cancer risk

    In addition to reducing your risk of heart attack, it turns out a daily dose of aspirin can also cut down on your cancer risk, a set of new studies reveal. “The studies looked at patients who were participating in several long-term, randomized trials on the effect of daily low-dose aspirin (75 mg to 300 […]
  • Short on time? Intensify your workout.

    Many of us feel the time crunch — only able to sneak short workouts into our lunch breaks if we’re lucky. So if you can only set a limited amount of time aside for exercising, what type of workout is best? Cardio with intervals is great, but a circuit of heavy weights may have longer lasting benefits. […]
  • Improve your health with Meatless Monday

    When Gabe Canales was 35 years old, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and advised to eliminate red meat from his diet. He’s encouraging men to participate in Meatless Mondays — a small step you can take toward a healthier you. “A recent major medical study from the Harvard School of Public Health supports why my […]