August 2012

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  • Foods that promote weight loss

    When you’re trying to lose weight, it seems like there are a lot of no-no’s when it comes to food. There are some great snacks you can indulge in that can actually aid in weight loss, including string cheese: “Who doesn’t love cheese? In fact, many of my patients start off with a common plea […]
  • Stay motivated by working out as a couple

    Working out as a couple has a plethora a benefits from keeping you motivated to helping you correct improper moves. “We were on to something: People who work out with a partner they feel comfortable with are more energetic and happier than those who work out alone, report Santa Clara University scientists. Our trainer, Derek […]
  • The many health benefits of tea

    While more studies are  needed, there is a growing body of evidence that tea has the potential to do great things for your health, including a boost to your immune system: “Green tea boosts the number of ‘regulatory T cells’ in the body, which are important for the immune system, according to research from the […]
  • Skinny doesn’t automatically mean healthy

    Thin may be in, but it doesn’t protect you from being unhealthy, according to new research. “Skinny fat” basically means you’re thin but carry around a high percentage of body fat. “While we know that 68 percent of the American population is overweight, and that most have diabesity — being somewhere on the continuum of […]
  • Take your workout to the park

    Who says you need to go to the gym for a full-body workout? Men’s Health shows you how to turn your local park into your weekend gym. “A busy workweek can sabotage even the best-laid fitness plans. That makes the weekend a perfect time to compensate for a missed workout, reinforce your gains, or burn […]
  • Common mistakes healthy people make

    So you consider yourself a relatively healthy person — you workout, you eat healthy and generally take an active role in your well being. explores common mistake healthy people make, including a lack supplement savvy: “More is not better when it comes to vitamins and supplements, and too much of a good thing can […]
  • More evidence that obesity increases risk of dementia

    Mid-life obesity may lead to faster cognitive decline as you age, according to a new study. “Based on the participants’ test performance, the researchers found that those who were obese and metabolically abnormal registered a 22.5% faster cognitive decline than normal weight participants with no metabolic abnormalities. Notably, obese participants who were metabolically normal also saw faster […]
  • Get your recommended amount of water

    Your body needs approximately 64 to 96 fluid ounces of liquid a day.  But water is so boring, right?  The Huffington post offers some unique ways to get hydrated, including: “Skip the Cubism — It’s easy to get your chill on while keeping hydrated. Toss some fresh berries, sliced peaches and pineapple wedges into the freezer. The […]
  • More benefits from yoga

    In addition to reducing back pain, yoga may cut down on medical expenses and sick days, according to a new study. “The Spine journal study included more than 300 people who experienced recurring back pain; half of them were assigned to the 12-week yoga program and also received standard medical care, while the other half […]
  • Do you know what’s in your food?

    Food is pretty basic, but not when it comes to some of your favorite snacks and fast food meals. Simple foods end up being developed in a lab rather than cooked in a kitchen. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are an often talk about “food” creation: “You’d think that a breaded lump of chicken would be pretty […]