October 2012

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  • Skip out on the energy drinks

    How about skipping the energy drink and instead getting enough sleep? The negative health effects of energy drinks are many, including caffeine overload: “Many energy drinks and other products feature very large amounts of caffeine — approximately three times the amount found in a regular cup of coffee — often along with other stimulants. The […]
  • Motivate yourself for morning exercise

    Start your day off right. Working out in the morning can give you the energy and brainpower boost you need throughout the day. “In fact, your willpower to exercise at all may be strongest in the morning. Turns out you deplete your tank of stick-to-itiveness during the day, Wired reported,’much like the gas in your car.’ If […]
  • Runners, take care of your skin

    We’re less than two weeks away from the New York City Marathon. All that training can take a toll on your skin. Women’s Health explores ways to stay protected, starting with blisters: “The Culprit: Friction, sweat, and wearing the wrong size shoes can lead to bubbled-up skin on the arches, toes, and heels of your […]
  • Legumes may help improve health of diabetics

    Suffering from diabetes?  Go for chick peas and lentils. According to a study in Archives of Internal Medicines, legumes can help reduce symptoms for diabetics and lower risk of heart disease. Starting in 2010, researchers in Toronto, Canada, enrolled 121 patients with Type II diabetes and tested their blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and […]
  • Muscle gain is more than just pumping iron

    While lifting is key to getting bigger muscles, what you do when you’re resting is just as important. First, make sure to feed your muscles: Lifting weights makes your metabolism race as your body works to replenish energy and repair muscle tissue. “If you don’t take in enough calories and protein, you won’t have the […]
  • Stretches for office workers

    You’ve heard that sitting at a desk all day can increase your waistline, but it can also do a number on your muscles. It’s important to stretch throughout the day. Start with your neck and shoulders: “Hunching over keyboards strains the cervical spine and stiffens our shoulders. On the next bathroom break, reach your arms […]
  • How healthy is your nutty spread of choice

    Peanut butter is my life blood, so I’m constantly reminded of the fact that not all nut spreads are created the equal. The amount of sugar and calories in some forms can be pretty shocking.  If you want the healthiest out there, go with almond butter: “Almond butter is the best bet for your diet. […]
  • Cholesterol levels dropping among U.S. adults

    Some good news on the health front:  A new study reveals that U.S. adults are lowering their cholesterol levels. Researchers attribute it to a combination of lifestyle changes and increased use of statins. “Overall, the researchers report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that the cholesterol trends are moving in the right direction. Total […]
  • Sleep deprivation’s effect on fat cells

    Stop skipping out on your recommended amount of sleep. In addition to feeling groggy, it can also contribute to weight gain, according to a new study. “The authors found that sleep deprivation made fat cells less sensitive to insulin, a hormone that cells use to take in glucose for energy. [Study author Matthew] Brady explains that […]
  • What to look for in a personal trainer

    Everyone has personal goals when they decide to hire a personal trainer — everything from losing weight to prepping for a marathon. The Huffington Post explore the things everyone should ask when looking. “Dr. Adam Reynolds, chiropractor and co-founder of Catalyst Health in Toronto, says before you start shopping, ask yourself what your specific fitness goals are […]