March 2013

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  • Put your mind at ease with a walk in the park

    With all the noise and distractions of city living, it’s likely that at one point you’ll suffer from brain fatigue — distracted easily, unable to focus, forgetful. Luckily, a new study may have found a fix: Take a walk in the park. “What they found confirmed the idea that green spaces lessen brain fatigue. “When […]
  • Grab a handful of pistachios — your heart will thank you

    Not all nuts get as much praise as almonds and walnuts, but lesser-loved nuts like pistachios can significantly improve your health, according to a study review in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. “The analysis of eight studies revealed munching pistachios for a few weeks lowers bad cholesterol up to 20 percent, and increases good cholesterol […]
  • Safely participate in bikram yoga

    The jury is still out on the overall health benefits of bikram yoga. But if you’re thinking about beginning, check out the Greatist’s guide.  Start by properly hydrating: “Because the heat can be so hard on the body, it’s important to think ahead before heading to a Bikram yoga class. Start hydrating 24 hours before the […]
  • Childhood exercise may prevent fractures in old age

    The benefits of childhood physical activity go beyond curbing obesity.  In the long run, it may reduce a persons’ risk of bone fractures throughout their lifetime, according to new research. “‘According to our study, exercise interventions in childhood may be associated with lower fracture risks as people age, due to the increases in peak bone […]
  • Avoid these mistakes for a healthier breakfast

    Have you ever eaten breakfast only to find yourself starving an hour later? It may be because you’re eating the wrong types of food. The Huffington Post takes a look a common mistakes that prevent you from being satisfied longer, such as not eating enough protein: “Many of my patients have a bowl of cereal […]
  • Ranting isn’t improving your mood

    What beats that sense of relief you feel after ranting about something that bothers you? The problem is that the relief is short lived and you’ll end up being angrier in long run, according to a new study. “Here’s the thing about ranting: Despite the initial sense of relief you get afterward, separate research shows […]
  • Surprising facts about fat

    Before you can tackle losing that extra weight, there are some essential things you need to know about fat. Shape magazine explores five important fat facts, including the fat on your butt is healthier than the fat on your belly: “It’s probably safe to say that no woman favors the fat on one body part […]
  • Study: Sugary drinks result in 180,000 deaths each year

    In the midst of the ongoing debate over Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban, a new study reveals that sugary beverages may be responsible for nearly 180, 000 deaths around the world each year. “Researchers pulled data from a 2010 study on global disease burden for their analysis to come up with the number of deaths linked […]
  • Study supports mammograms every other year

    Four years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force changed its mammogram recommendations from once a year starting at age 40 to every other year starting at age 50. A new study out of the University of California adds credence to this decision — for the most part: “Based on the results, the researchers concluded that the […]
  • Burning calories without a trip to the gym

    While getting exercise at the gym or on a run may be ideal, many people claim they just don’t have the time. The Huffington Post explores simple changes  you can make in you everyday routine, that can boost your health and burn some calories. Start by taking a stand against unhealthy habits: “Scientific studies have suggested […]