June 2013

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  • Learn the correct information to stay hydrated

    With the high temperatures of summer suffocating the city, it’s important to stay hydrated.  But there are a lot of myths about dehydration. The Huffington Post looks at 7 common myths, including: “Myth: Exercisers need sports drinks “Fact: If you’re working out for less than an hour, water will do just fine. You don’t deplete electrolyte […]
  • 9 ways to reduce your sugar intake

    Almost everyone craves sugar at one point or another, but many of us are getting too much of the sweet stuff. ABC News looks at 9 ways to cut back on sugar. Start by adding it up: “To determine if a food has added sugars (and how much), you have to do a little math. […]
  • Does a post-dinner walk do any good?

    Mulitple studies show the benefits of going for a walk after dinner, including aiding digestion and lowering blood sugar: “In a study published in 2009, researchers found that a 20-minute walk about 15 minutes after dinner led to lower post-meal blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes than either a walk before dinner or […]
  • Cut your risk of osteoarthritis

    New research reveals that  running could be key in helping to prevent osteoarthritis and your chances of needing hip replacement surgery. “The beneficial effects of running are twofold. For one, your body adapts to a briskly-paced run by building cartilage in your joints and, crucially, maintaining levels of proteoglycans in that cartilage, which allows your joints […]
  • Skip these sugary breakfast foods

    Of course breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  That’s why it’s so important to eat the right foods. Many fast breakfast item are loaded with sugar. Take breakfast bars for example: “Sure, they make for an easy, grab-and-go option for harried mornings, but don’t be deceived: Many brands of energy or granola […]
  • For exercise, is 4 minutes the the 7 minutes?

    When it comes to exercise, many people want the best results with the littlest amount of effort. A couple of weeks ago everyone was talking about the 7 minute exercise regiment. Now new research shows that health gains can be made in as little at 4 minutes: “[T]hey gathered 26 overweight and sedentary but otherwise […]
  • Multitasking isn’t really helping

    With everything that needs to get done in our lives, most of us attempt to get the most done by multitasking. The thing is it’s not as efficient as you think. ABC News looks at 12 reasons you should stop: “You’re Not Really Multitasking: What you call multitasking is really task-switching, says Guy Winch, PhD, […]
  • Coffee and 5-Hour Energy provide the same perk

    Still have a case of the Mondays and looking for a major caffeine boost?  You might as well go with coffee because new research reveals it has the equal effect of  5-Hour Energy and it’s healthier. “The results suggest that the “energy blend” of B vitamins, taurine, tyrosine, and malic acid in 5-Hour Energy may not […]
  • Stretches you need if you have a desk job

    Sitting at your desk all day can do a number on your muscles. The Huffington Post looks at 6 stretches every desk working needs to do. Start with: “Neck And Shoulders. Hunching over keyboards strains the cervical spine and stiffens our shoulders. On the next bathroom break, reach your arms behind you, and interlock your fingers […]
  • That’s one gross bathroom statistic

    According to a new study, only 5 percent of people properly wash their hands in the bathroom. “Thirty-three percent didn’t use soap, and 10 percent didn’t wash their hands at all, according to the study, based on Michigan State University researchers’ observations of more than 3,700 people in a college town’s public restrooms. “‘These findings […]