July 2013

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  • Fight fatigue with this simple warmup

    If you’re like me, you often use a foam roller after you go for a run, but  a  new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research says there’s benefit to doing in before as well. “People who foam-rolled their legs, upper body, and lower back for 10 minutes before exercising felt less fatigued while […]
  • Study: You’re less likely to get injured in a city

    While your chance of being a victim of a homicide may be higher in the city, but your overall risk of death by any injury is much higher in rural area. “Researchers analyzed 1.3 million injury deaths in more than 3,000 counties nationwide from 1999 through 2006. They classified the counties on a 10-point urban-rural […]
  • How height effects your health

    You may be surprised that height can influence your chance of getting certain kinds diseases, including cancer: “A new study suggests that taller women have a heightened risk for cancer, the No. 2 killer of U.S. women. “The study, published today in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, found that taller women were more likely […]
  • Avoiding injury when you’re endurance training

    Eight-time winner of IRONMAN World Championship, Paula Newby-Fraser walks you through endurance training to avoid injury. First, Recognize Pain—and Respond To It: “Everyone knows that feeling of being tired and sore after a particularly long or hard workout. It’s important, though, that you recognize the difference between that feeling and actual pain, says Newby-Fraser. Fatigue and soreness […]
  • We don’t always eat junk when we’re stress eating

    We often associate stress eating with junk food, but a new study shows that we default to what we habitually eat — even if it’s health food. “The small study included 59 students who were pursuing MBAs at the University of California, Los Angeles. Researchers offered them different snacks during stressful midterm exam time, including […]
  • Treating a sprained ankle properly

    Conventional wisdom about how to care for a sprain ankle may not be the best advice. “What should be abandoned is the temptation to try to walk off the searing pain of a twisted ankle. In fact, in years past, that’s often what athletes were advised to do. But trying to walk on an injured […]
  • Bloomberg’s new obesity campaign

    First Mayor Bloomberg tackled soda to fight obesity, now he has his eyes on skipping the elevator and taking the stairs. “Bloomberg’s proposal includes two parts: One would require new and renovated buildings to post signs near elevators that suggest using the stairs; the other would change building codes so that stairwells remain open 24/7 […]
  • Back pain solutions outside of the doctor’s office

    If you’re reading this, you’re more likely than not to have suffered from back pain at least once. While injection therapies are on the rise, they are only a temporary fix and are not often recommended. There are alternative things you can do outside the doctor’s office to reduce back pain. “According to a study published […]
  • Using yoga as a sleep aid

    Multiple studies have shown that yoga can improve everything from sleep quality to total sleep time. “Sleep is a function of the parasympathetic nervous system, the system devoted to rest and digestion. Not surprisingly, sleep onset (the natural oncoming of sleep) and yoga are both associated with an increase in parasympathetic activity. In addition, meditation techniques […]
  • An exercise that helps you eat less?

    Sound too good to be true? Well, according to new research interval training can be an appetite suppressant for the short term. “Overweight men who completed 30 minutes of intense exercise intervals ate up to 170 fewer calories about an hour post-workout than those who performed moderate exercise. “The caloric dip may be related to […]