September 2013

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  • Not-so-healthy, “healthy” alternatives

    You may think your making the right choice opting for low-fat versions of your favorite foods, but sometimes the “healthier” option is worse for you. Take fat-free milk for example: “We know what you’re thinking: ‘Only 90 calories in a one cup serving and absolutely no fat? This MUST be a winner!’ Think again. When […]
  • Are you predisposed to pain?

    A new study reveals that some people may be genetically predisposed to chronic pain after an injury. “Researchers took brain scans of people who experienced their first back injury and found that patients with specific brain abnormalities (small changes in the white matter that usually go unnoticed) were more likely to have pain linger than […]
  • Running doesn’t cause knee arthritis

    Many people assume that because of the strain running puts on your knees, it can often lead to arthritis. But recent studies are proving this to be a myth. “But many of the available, long-term studies of runners show that, as long as knees are healthy to start with, running does not substantially increase the […]
  • Grab these fresh fruits and veggies this Fall

    With the arrival of Fall this past Sunday, comes the plethora of in-season fruits and vegetables to add to any meal. Start with one of the most obvious Fall picks, pumpkin: “Though technically a member of the squash family, with their rich history and health benefits, not to mention their essential role in Halloween festivities, pumpkins […]
  • Lose fat rather than muscle when dieting

    When you go on a diet, there is often the worry of losing muscle rather than fat. A new study shows you can counteract this by consuming double the recommended daily amount of protein when you’re trying to lose weight. “For a period of 31 days, scientists kept volunteers in an energy deficit, so that […]
  • Habits that can help you lose weight

    We often focus on diet and exercise when we’re looking to lose weight. But there are certain everyday habits you can pick up to stay slim or get slimmer. Start by being fidgety: “Research shows that people who move more burn as many as 350 extra calories a day, the equivalent of talking a daily […]
  • Kick your chocolate craving with light exercise

    If you feel like you’re craving chocolate too often, exercise my be key to curbing the desire. “When chocolate eaters were deprived of the sweet stuff for 2 days, then asked to either sit quietly or complete a short treadmill run, people who sat still gobbled up nearly twice as much of the candy when […]
  • How do you waste your gym time?

    You’re putting in the time and effort to work out regularly, but not seeing any results?  You may be wasting more time at the gym than you think. “Turns out, people who go to fitness centers spend up to 35 percent of their gym time not working out, according to a new survey of more than 100 […]
  • Destress with these science approved methods

    We could all use a little less stress in our lives. The Huffington Post explores scientifically backed ways to lessen your stress. For one, you can step away from the screen: “Uninterrupted computer use has been associated with stress, lost sleep and depression in women, according to a study from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. […]
  • Truly healthy fast food choices

    Healthy options at fast food restaurants can be few and far between. Even salads can be a calorie bomb. Don’t lose hope though, there are still some truly healthy choices. At Chipotle, try a Barbacoa And Guacamole Salad: “Here’s an awesome little secret: You can eat 100 percent GMO free at Chipotle. “When the company […]