November 2013

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  • Average Thanksgiving meal equals 7 BK Whoppers

    You know you’re likely to overeat on Thanksgiving. But it may surprise you how many calories you actually eat and the fast food equivalent. “The typical Thanksgiving meal weighs in at about 4,500 calories, which is more than twice the recommended amount of daily calories for adult men and women. To put it into perspective, one […]
  • It’s never too late to start exercising

    Just because you’ve been inactive most of your life doesn’t mean it’s too late to reap the benefits of regular exercise. “Older adults who started to exercise even once a week — even after being inactive — were three to four times more likely to age healthily compared to their continuously inactive peers. British researchers […]
  • The cause of muscle cramps

    You’re in the middle of a run and your calf muscle starts to cramp — there are multiple theories for why this happens but no set answer. “When a muscle cramps, the contraction is involuntary. ‘In order to have the contraction, the nerve or a group of nerves has to be activated,’ says Allan Goldfarb, Ph.D., an exercise […]
  • Avoid gaining weight this holiday season

    With Thanksgiving a little over a week away, we’re heading into the most gluttonous time of the year.You can avoid gaining weight with some extra knowledge. Be Picky: “Peruse the buffet before you load your plate to avoid foods you don’t really want, suggests obesity expert Tim Church, MD, a professor at Pennington Biomedical Research […]
  • What you need to know about metabolism

    You hear people always talking about metabolism when it comes to weight. Men’s Health looks at four commonly held assumptions and whether they’re true. “BURNING TRUTH #1: SKINNY PEOPLE HAVE FAST METABOLISMS “VERDICT: Sometimes “‘There are slim people with slightly low metabolisms who just don’t eat very much,’ says Michael Jensen, M.D., an endocrinologist with […]
  • Strange but true health tips

    ABC News explores simple tips you may not think of to help keep you healthy. Start by using the first stall: “After analyzing 51 public restrooms, experts found that the stall closest to the restroom door consistently had the lowest bacteria levels (and the most toilet paper!). The first stall probably sees less traffic because […]
  • How depression affects your DNA

    Depression can accelerate aspects of the aging process and lead to increased instances of certain diseases, according to new research. “Compared to healthy people, those with major depressive disorder had significantly shorter telomeres—the caps of DNA that act as buffers at the ends of your gene chromosomes. Telomere length is a dependable measure of genetic […]
  • Salt may be getting a bad rap

    Scaling back salt may not be necessary, according to a report by Institute of Medicine.  The study found that Low-Salt Diets May Even Be Harmful: “Many people forget that sodium is an essential nutrient serving a multitude of functions in the body, including helping control heart rate and aiding the transmission of signals in the brain. […]
  • What your skin says about your health

    Researchers have found a link between wrinkles and life expectancy.  The surprising results were published in Journals of Gerontology: “For the first time, the team found a relationship between appearance and blood pressures; the women who looked more youthful also had lower blood pressure and heart disease risk. But was it their biology that was helping […]
  • Increase endurance with positive talk

    Physical exhaustion is all in your head. According to a new study, you can talk yourself into pushing harder. “Once each rider’s measurements had been recorded, they were randomly divided into two groups. One group was told to continue with their normal exercise routine for the next two weeks. Those in the other group were […]