December 2013

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  • Stick to that New Year’s resolution

    If you’re one who comes up with a New Year’s resolution each year but always seem to fall short, you may be doing something wrong. One pitfall is Abstractness: “People tend to choose a resolution like, ‘I am going to lose weight’ or ‘I am going to write a novel.’ But [Melissa Burkley, an associate […]
  • Talk care of your skin this winter

    Sure, summer gets most of the blame for skin damage, but winter can do its fair share. Luckily there are step you can take. If your skin is dry: “Ramp up your moisturizing, says Dr. Adigun: If you use a lightweight lotion in the summer, switch to a heavier cream or ointment. Get one that you […]
  • Motivate yourself to work out

    With December being such a busy month, it’s no surprise that many of us have been slacking in the exercise department. The Huffington Post offers 10 tips to motivate you back into the gym. Do what you know: “Mixing up exercise is great advice 11 months out of the year, but during the stressfest known as […]
  • Exercise times aren’t one size fits all

    South Asian men may need to work out significantly more than men of European decent to reap the same health benefits, according to a new study. “For the study, researchers examined the effect 10-minute bouts of exercise had on a slew of measurements including blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. They found that […]
  • New Yorkers living longer than ever

    Life expectancy for New Yorkers has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, according to a new study. “For years, the life expectancy in New York City was lower than that in the rest of the country. But since 1990, it has risen by 6.3 years for women and 10.5 years for men, according to […]
  • How to survive the holiday onslaught of food

    The holidays can easily sabotage your waistline, but you can strike the right balance between treating yourself and overindulging. Check out this dietitian’s tricks: “My secret to staying healthy over the holidays: I have 3 tricks that I swear by over the holidays: Drink club soda at parties between glasses of wine. Only eat food […]
  • Don’t forget to work out these important muscles

    Depending on your workout of choice, there are often muscles that tend to get underused and can cause further problems. The Huffington Post explores 6 common workouts and what muscles get neglected. Runners’ Weakest link: Gluteus Medius: “‘Unless you’re running uphill all the time, running builds endurance but not strength,’ says mobility doc Vonda Wright, M.D., […]
  • The best and worst health trends of 2013

    With the end of the year approaching it’s time to look back at the health trends 2013. list the best and worst of year. One of the better trends is fun runs. “Whether it involves running through foam-covered obstacles or getting splattered with colored powder, fun runs have it right: Fun is the ultimate […]
  • New study explores sex as exercise

    There have always been stories of cardiac arrest during sex or how many calories you can burn during a minute of sex, but no was has put these to the test. A new study explores how much energy the typical person exerts while having sex: “[Antony D.] Karelis and his colleagues recruited 21 young heterosexual committed […]
  • Humans eating an increasing amount of meat

    Meat consumption is increasing across the globe, led partially by rapidly growing economies in China and India. “A new study examining how human eating patterns have shifted over time found a rise in fat and meat consumption has pushed us further up the food chain and closer to predators like polar bears, with potentially adverse […]