January 2014

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  • How many calories are consumed during the Super Bowl?

    Even if you have no interest in football, you’ll likely find yourself at a Super Bowl party this weekend. If you’re like me, you’ll distract yourself with all the calorie heavy snacks.  Americans consume a shocking amount of fat during the game: “And just how much food packed with fat, carbohydrates, and sodium will be […]
  • Stay hydrated in this freezing weather

    On a hot day in the summer, it can be easy to notice that you’re dehydrated and therefore drink extra water, but theses cues often aren’t the same in winter. That’s why it’s important to pay extra attention to staying hydrated in cold climates. “• Another factor that often leads to large fluid losses during exercise […]
  • It’s never to late to start exercising

    If you’re middle aged and have neglected to work out, there’s still hope to avoid becoming seriously ill or disabled in retirement if you start exercising now. “In the eight years between the study’s start and end, the data showed, those respondents who had been and remained physically active aged most successfully, with the lowest […]
  • Ease your muscles with a foam roller

    If you’re looking to increase flexibility or ease sore or inflammed muscles, a foam roller might be the right purchase for your house.  Here are just a few of the tight spots it can help: “IT Band: To get into position, put the roller under your hip and keep one leg on the floor as […]
  • Want to eat healthier? Cut these foods.

    Your best intentions don’t always cut it when it comes to healthy eating. There are a whole host of food and drinks that you may think are healthy, but aren’t even close. “Diet Soda: A bottle of soda can have about 200 calories, so it only makes sense to quench your thirst with the diet […]
  • Reduce your knee pain descending stairs

    If you’re one of the many people who suffer with knee arthritis, you may dread going up and down stairs. Luckily, there are some things you can do to reduce pain: “This discomfort is magnified if you have weak quadriceps or thigh muscles, he added, since the force that might otherwise be absorbed by those […]
  • The benefits of a single workout

    We’re often so focused on the cumulative effects of working out, that we often forget the benefits of a single bout of exercise. For example: “Your DNA can change: In a 2012 study, Swedish researchers found that among healthy but inactive adults, mere minutes of exercise altered genetic material in muscle cells. Of course, we inherit […]
  • Do you eat more after exercising?

    After a hard workout, it may seem like you eat three days worth of calories.  But a new review of research reveals that’s not the case. “As Runner’s World points out, this is especially good news for fitness fans who have weight loss on the brain. Despite an increase in physical activity, most people aren’t undoing […]
  • The risk of overdosing on pain meds

    Each year, 8 percent of acetaminophen users end up in the ER room after overdosing. The problem is you may not realize how much you’re taking: “‘It’s very easy to unintentionally overdose by taking two or three different over-the-counter medications that contain the drug,’ says Robert Geller, M.D., professor of pediatrics at the Emory University […]
  • US among the countries with the unhealthiest eating

    Out of 125 countries surveyed in the Oxfam “Good Enough to Eat Index”  report, the US ranked near the bottom of the unhealthiest eating at #120: “As the report points out, one clear explanation for America’s high rates of unhealthy eating has to do with what food is available, not just how much. Processed, high-fat foods are […]