February 2014

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  • Your food label’s getting a facelift

    For the first time in 20 years, the FDA is changing the nutrition label to help you make healthier decisions in the grocery isle. “The new label, which could take a year or more to appear on store shelves, includes more than half a dozen significant changes — such as more prominent calorie counts and […]
  • Commuting is taking a toll on your health

    Even if your commute to work is relatively short, the health effects can be damaging. Time looks at how it impacts your overall health: “Your Happiness and Life Satisfaction Decline: The same report from the U.K. found that people with commutes of any length experience lower life satisfaction and happiness than people with no commutes […]
  • So you’re not seeing results at the gym?

    You work out religiously, but you are seeing any results. Men’s Health looks at three common mistake people make in the gym. For one, you may not be working out as hard as you think: “Whenever I go to a commercial gym, I see a few men really getting after their workout. The rest of […]
  • Sometimes a low intensity workout is best

    Feel like you need to hop on the high-intensity interval training bandwagon?  The Huffington Post looks a 5 situations where a low intensity workout is best: “You’re training for an endurance event or sport. Your body adapts to the specific stimuli you throw at it. This specificity principle means that you will be best at […]
  • Average yearly exercise rate of obese women: 1 hour

    The average obese women gets only 1 hour of vigorous exercise each year. Yes, year. “Participants in the study, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, had accelerometers that tracked their movements and provided data about how much they exercised and at what intensity. Vigorous exercise was defined as fat-burning activities like jogging, though one academic not related to […]
  • These foods will make you hungrier

    When the hunger pangs hit, you may think any food will do. You’d be wrong. Some food will only leave you hungry for more. Let’s start with Chinese food: “MSG—a chemical added to Chinese food to enhance the flavor—may cause your hunger levels to yoyo: Researchers at the University of Sussex in the U.K. found […]
  • Another reason sitting is hurting you long term

    It seems every few months the list of negative effects of sitting seems to grow. According to a new study, prolonged sitting later in life can increase your chances of being disabled. “Every additional hour adults over age 60 spend sitting increases by 50% their risk of being disabled for activities of daily living such […]
  • How stress is messing with your workout

    Nothing feels better than a tough workout to relieve the stress in your life. But stress isn’t all benefits when it comes to exercising. For one, stress hinders your recovery: “It’s normal to feel sore the day after bootcamp. But if the after-effects linger and you alter your form powering through your next workout, you […]
  • Meniscus tear? Try physical therapy first

    If you’ve recently found out that you have a degenerative meniscal tear you may be trying to decide between physical therapy or surgery. A new study points to physical therapy as the first course of treatment: “The study revealed that after one year, patients with a meniscus tear who had “sham” surgery followed by physical […]
  • Getting fit can make you tougher

    New research reveals that even moderate exercise can improve your pain tolerance. “On one test, the people who trained increased their pain tolerance by 20%, while their pain threshold didn’t change. They found a given sensation as painful as before, but could handle that level of discomfort for significantly longer. The non-athletes were as relatively […]