March 2014

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  • Exercise cheats that sabotage your workout

    Faithfully working out and not seeing any results? Your bad workout habits could be to blame. Maybe you’re a swinger: “Momentum comes in handy when you’re attempting a long jump, but not if you’re lifting weights. Each exercise involves two phases: a concentric (contracting) move and an eccentric (stretch) phase. ‘Building momentum by swinging your arms […]
  • RX for chronic pain: Quality sleep

    Getting more sleep as well as better quality sleep can make it easier for chronic pain suffers to be physically active , according to a new study. “‘Many of the patients struggled to stay physically active after the onset of pain and we found that chronic pain patients spontaneously engaged in more physical activity following […]
  • Don’t forget your neck workout

    After working out your chest, arms, back, abs, and legs people often neglect their necks. That’s something you don’t want to do. “Adding muscle to your neck gives the impression that you’re a lot bigger than you might be,’ says Jason Ferruggia, CEO of Renegade Strength and Conditioning in California. It also helps you safeguard […]
  • Exercising for your eyes

    New research reveals that exercising regularly can reduce your chance of having vision problems in the future — in mice at least. “[T]he researchers gathered adult, healthy lab mice. Half of these were allowed to remain sedentary throughout the day, while the other animals began running on little treadmills at a gentle rodent pace for […]
  • Should you work out on an empty stomach?

    You’ve probably heard that if you work out on an empty stomach, you’ll cancel out any gains from a workout. That’s not necessarily true. “Contrary to popular belief, research suggests that eating many small meals throughout the day won’t speed up the metabolism, skipping a meal won’t make you fat, and exercising on an empty stomach will not […]
  • Interesting facts about caffeine

    It’s America’s favorite drug: caffeine. Murray Carpenter’s new book Caffeinated explores the history of caffeine and found surprising information, such as: “Coke used to have as much caffeine as Red Bull: For starters, consider energy drinks. Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster and other syrupy sweet, caffeinated drinks are suddenly everywhere. But there is really nothing new […]
  • The aging effect of salt on overweight teens

    If your an overweight teen, an increased salt intake can lower your lifespan, according to a new study. “Overweight teenagers who reported higher sodium intakes had telomeres—protective ends of chromosomes that shorten with age—that were significantly shorter than those in overweight teenagers with lower sodium intakes. “‘Lowering sodium intake, especially if you are overweight or […]
  • Fight fatigue with these supplement

    While supplements shouldn’t be the first thing you reach for when you’re feeling run down, if you must  there are plenty of natural ways to get get an energy good. For instance, Whole Foods (Iron and Magnesium): “The right foods can go a long way toward managing fatigue. If you’re always low on energy, try […]
  • Avoid these foam roller mistakes

    I like to refer to foam rollers as the poor mans massage. If you’re like me, you love using them. Sure, it’s sometimes painful, but I always feel better after. The problem is a lot of people use them incorrectly. For example: “Mistake #2: You roll too fast. While it might feel great to roll […]
  • Friends don’t let friends text and walk

    While banning texting while driving as caught on across the country, banning it while walking hasn’t been as successful. Even though you’re more likely to get hurt. “Mile for mile, more people get seriously hurt when they’re sidetracked by texting, tweeting, and other phone-related distractions while walking than while driving, says ER doctor Dietrich Jehle, […]