July 2014

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  • Rethink exercise to stick to it

    The Huffington Post explore ways to make an exercise plan you’ll follow through with. “Easy ways to work in a workout: Take a walk outside — vary your pace and find some hills to climb to get your heart rate up. You can focus more on walking inside the office, too — make a point […]
  • Please skip these fad diets

    If a diet seems too good to be true, it probably is. Not to mention that some diets can put your health at risk. The Huffington Post takes a look at the top 14 fad diets you should skip: “Raw Food Diet: Any weight-loss expert would agree that boosting your veggie and fruit intake while […]
  • In what state do people walk the most?

    Congratulations, New Yorkers! According to a new study, New Yorkers walk an average of 5,039 steps a day making it the top state for walking. “The average daily steps varies widely among the top 15—a New Yorker walks about a quarter of a mile, or 478 steps, more each day than someone in Wisconsin. But […]
  • Prevent blisters when you’re running

    If you run often, you’ve most likely experience a painful blister after a run. The Greatist explores how you can prevent them in the first place. “Choose Socks Wisely. The right socks are super important when it comes to blister prevention. Socks provide extra support for our feet, keep moisture away, and can minimize the […]
  • New York not in 10 ten sedentary states

    In New York state, 26.3 percent of adults admit to doing no leisure-time physical activity , according to a new CDC report. “A total of 25.4 percent across the U.S. admitted making no time at all for leisure-time physical activity, according to the report. Just over half of those surveyed said they met the CDC’s […]
  • Easy tips to eat less

    You can avoid over eating by tricking your mind.  Try: “Dine by candlelight. Taking time to set the mood may increase your meal satisfaction, making you less likely to overeat. A study of fast food restaurants published in the journalPsychological Reports found that customers who dined in a relaxed environment with dimmed lights and mellow music […]
  • Simple steps to improve your health

    We often look at getting healthy as making major changes in our lives. But there are simple things you can do to get started: “Slay Sunday Blues: Transitions can be a drag—like the Sunday night blues, which torment 81 percent of Americans, according to a poll from Monster.com. Take the edge off by doing 10 […]
  • Get the most out of a single training session

    Professional training sessions can be expensive.  You can benefit from a single session by following this advice: “Figure out your fitness goals: Before you hit the gym with a trainer, know what you want to get out of it. Your fitness goals are must-knows so that you can reap all the benefits possible from a […]
  • Lack of exercise accounts for America’s obesity

    Over the past 20 years, calorie intake has not changed significantly, but the number of inactive people has.  And that, according to a new study,  is why America has an obesity epidemic. “The Stanford University researchers looked at NHANES data over the last 20 years, and found that the number of U.S. women who reported […]
  • Signs you may be sleep deprived

    Sleep needs to be a priority. Even if you think you’re getting enough, you may be wrong. The Huffington Post explores 10 surprising hints that mean you may need more sleep. “You fall asleep immediately. You might chalk this up to being a good sleeper, but the opposite is true. If you routinely fall asleep […]