• The Junction of Lifestyle & Wellness

    BIOKINETIC Physical Therapy features in-depth evaluation and tailored treatment sensitive to each patient’s lifestyle. We provide an intervention program that is guided by our mantra: the junction of lifestyle & wellness. Our goal is to identify and maximize movement within the sphere of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Distinct from the rest, we consider your career, recreation, current gym regiment/exercise status and physical limitations. We believe that an effective rehabilitation program should mimic actual activities and complement your lifestyle.

    As licensed physical therapists with a wealth of experience in treating metropolitan-based patients, BKSPT promises you the highest standards of care. This is achieved through comprehensive assessments, scientifically-proven treatment techniques, and the use of the latest technologies and equipment. It is delivered by a combination of highly trained administrative staff to manage your appointments, experienced physical therapist to provide effective treatment, better facilities, and a business ethos firmly established on our valuing and caring for you.

    BIOKINETIC Physical Therapy designs treatments that go far beyond simply eliminating the pain. We promise to enhance your performance to a level that will exceed your pre-injury status. You will also learn long-term solutions to sustain the resilience you gained from your therapy.

  • Our Approach

    We start with advice. Even minor sporting injuries can become troublesome and lead to persistent problems if neglected. Lack of good advice and treatment could mean a long absence or even permanent damage. After your assessment, a custom-tailored program of treatment and rehabilitation based on your injury and your goals will be devised. We will advise you on the best way to care for your injury and treat you within a safe, yet challenging environment. We work with the backing of many of the top orthopedic specialists in the country and so, if needed, we can arrange referral to a relevant physician or surgeon.

    “…in-depth evaluation and tailored treatment
    sensitive to each patient’s lifestyle.”