• Everyday object to incorporate in your work out

    Sure dumbbells and barbells are great for a workout, but there are plenty of everyday object you can use to work out. Take a pillow for example. “The last time you sweat all over your pillow was probably during sex. ‘But you can use a pillow to perform quick, explosive movements that are similar to […]
  • Test your heart health with this

    Next time you’re at the doctor’s, make sure they take your blood pressure on both arms. A ten point difference in  systolic blood pressure between arms can be a red flag for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease, according to a new study. “According to Weinberg’s study, published in the March issue of the American Journal of […]
  • How to break into yoga

    If you’ve never done yoga, finding the right class for you can be overwhelming.  Start by Choose an Instructor You Connect With: “Going to your first class should be about finding a teacher you connect with, regardless of the style. Smith advised looking for a teacher who will listen to you and offer feedback on your […]
  • Action movies are making you fat

    According to a new study, you’ll consume significantly more calories if you eat while watching an action movie versus something less intense. “One of the aspects the researchers considered was the pacing. They noted that The Island had almost 25 camera cuts per minute while Charlie Rose had less than 5 (there’s only so many times you […]
  • Common mistakes that prevent weight loss

    If you’re working out regularly and not seeing results, you may be making one of these common mistake: “You go too easy on yourself. If you find yourself thinking ‘that was easy’ after a workout, it probably WAS too easy. Yes, walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes is good for your heart and you’ll […]
  • New York is the best cycling city

    With the addition of bike lanes and the arrival of Citibike, NYC lands the number 1 spot on “Bicycling” magazine top cities for cycling. “Starting under former mayor Michael Bloomberg and continuing under Mayor de Blasio, the city has been transforming its streetscape, creating bike lanes to encourage bicycling and redesigning intersections to make roadways […]
  • Should you work out on an empty stomach?

    You may not have heard in called fasted cardio, but you’ve likely done it. Fasted cardio is working out on an empty stomach to burn more calories, but does it actually work? “[R]esearch has demonstrated that fasted cardio does not increase fat burning over a 24-hour period. While your muscles adapt to using more fat when […]
  • Columbia lands No. 2 spot on healthiest colleges

    It may not have topped the list, but Columbia snagged a high spot on the Greatist’s list of healthiest colleges in America: “With complete nutritional information for dining hall food, options for special diets (vegan, kosher, halal, food allergies, etc.), and locally-sourced produce, baked goods, and GMO-free milk, Columbia’s dining services have something for health-minded […]